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Only Girl in the World...

Only Girl in the World.

Today's little chick is in response to a blog challenge at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal.  You had to respond to the song words of Rhianna's 'Only Girl in the World'.  I still love that song, so I thought I'd have a go.
I worked a little differently today and went back to my mixed media style (still keeping a little watercolour too).

Here she is, step-by-step. ( I know some of you like to see the process)

I worked in my little journal again, the A5 size one.
I started by sketching out my 'chick', pretty much in the same way as yesterday. 
 Then, I used watercolour to add flesh tone to the face and arms.  After that, I used collage scraps from a magazine to start to collage the girl.

This is the collage layer done.  I used an image of hair for her hair too, although you can't see it in the end.  Another happy accident.

Then I used a coat of matt medium to act as an adhesive for my tissue paper layer.  I like to use tissue paper over the collage because when it's dry, it acts as a good surface to crayon on with my pencils.  I used my heat gun to speed things up too...so impatient.

Here you can see where I worked on top of the tissue with my pencils.  See, I told you, can't see the hair now.  Oh well.

Then to finish off I gave her a coat of gloss medium to toughen her up.

So like I said yesterday, it's vacation time now. (time to put the art stuff away and do my packing)
see you all soon

Rachelle x


Sandra van Doorn said...

Great piece;( i am definitely one who loves to see the process!) and great way to start a holiday :)
have fun xo sandra

Anonymous said...

Love this piece! Sanna