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Love America...

I love America.
LOVE it so much. 

I can't wait to go again.

That's where I got the idea for today's little picture.  (all these are done in my A5 art journal by the way, not sure if I said that before).  Also, whilst looking at the stats for my blog yesterday, I noticed that my largest amount of visitors come from the USA, so this is for you too, to say 'thanks' for stopping by. ( I may do some for other countries too, mmm... I like that idea)

Here she is, step-by-step

My little sketch, you might be able to see that I used a 6B pencil.  This wasn't for any particular reason, it was just the first pencil that I grabbed.  It's a bit soft really.

Starting to paint.  I've just added the blush to the cheeks here, you can see it's still wet.  I did it wet-on-wet to let it 'run'  little into the skin tone.

I use a heat gun to dry my pictures out as I go.  On this one, it turned out that the eye shading came out too dark, so it gave me a chance to re-wet the paint and blend it in a little more. (just using a wet brush).

Here she is

You can see the eye shading looks less 'zombified' here. 

Had to add the Mickey ears too...

It's almost vacation time, so if I'm not updating for a few weeks, bear with me, I've not gone too far... 
just to America.

Rachelle x


Sandra van Doorn said...

oh she is so cute!! i love the process of seeing a character come to life so the step by step is a great idea. x sandra

Nessa Pretty Days said...

i really enjoy your blog i just discovered