f August 2011 - Art Eye Candy

Play, Grow, Delight...

it's taken me a few days to get myself geared up to blogging and art again, I really must apologise.  The holiday, or at least the jet lag, really 'zapped' me for a moment.  Anyway, I've hopefully shook it off now and can get back to some making and blogging about it.

This little lovely is part of a set (that I did on vacation) - at least I did something  :)

Here's the whole picture (minus the text)

I used a stamp for the body/kimono, but the faces are all mine.

Enough of that,  today I did something new.  
A little mixed media journal page, I actually really like it too.

I used indian inks to create a really BRIGHT background... look, it's still wet.

Meanwhile, whilst the ink dried, I made a little collaged/painted Paper Doll Chick.

I watercoloured the face, collaged the hair and used an ink pen to outline my drawing.  She's still wet too, thank goodness for a heat gun.

Close Up cutie

I stamped some butterflies onto a magazine page.  I'm loving butterflies.

I added the butterflies and used some rub-on words.

This is when I added the tissue layer.  
I was so relieved to see that the text was still visible.

Here she is, I worked on the tissue with the crayons again.

Play, Grow, Delight.

Hope you like her.

Oh it's so good to be back doing the art again, Oh how I missed you.

Rachelle x


What little girls dreams are made of (part one)

I just wanted to check in with you all. No art I'm afraid though,as I'm still enjoying the Florida sun on vacation, and today I took my little princess to meet some of her idols at Disney. It's been HOT but fabulous. It's also given me some arty ideas for some new Paper Doll Chicks.
Anyway, I really only wanted to say a quick 'Hi' so you know I've not gone too far, I'll be home soon to show you lots of Art Eye Candy goodness.

Part two soon,

Rachelle x

Only Girl in the World...

Only Girl in the World.

Today's little chick is in response to a blog challenge at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal.  You had to respond to the song words of Rhianna's 'Only Girl in the World'.  I still love that song, so I thought I'd have a go.
I worked a little differently today and went back to my mixed media style (still keeping a little watercolour too).

Here she is, step-by-step. ( I know some of you like to see the process)

I worked in my little journal again, the A5 size one.
I started by sketching out my 'chick', pretty much in the same way as yesterday. 
 Then, I used watercolour to add flesh tone to the face and arms.  After that, I used collage scraps from a magazine to start to collage the girl.

This is the collage layer done.  I used an image of hair for her hair too, although you can't see it in the end.  Another happy accident.

Then I used a coat of matt medium to act as an adhesive for my tissue paper layer.  I like to use tissue paper over the collage because when it's dry, it acts as a good surface to crayon on with my pencils.  I used my heat gun to speed things up too...so impatient.

Here you can see where I worked on top of the tissue with my pencils.  See, I told you, can't see the hair now.  Oh well.

Then to finish off I gave her a coat of gloss medium to toughen her up.

So like I said yesterday, it's vacation time now. (time to put the art stuff away and do my packing)
see you all soon

Rachelle x

Love America...

I love America.
LOVE it so much. 

I can't wait to go again.

That's where I got the idea for today's little picture.  (all these are done in my A5 art journal by the way, not sure if I said that before).  Also, whilst looking at the stats for my blog yesterday, I noticed that my largest amount of visitors come from the USA, so this is for you too, to say 'thanks' for stopping by. ( I may do some for other countries too, mmm... I like that idea)

Here she is, step-by-step

My little sketch, you might be able to see that I used a 6B pencil.  This wasn't for any particular reason, it was just the first pencil that I grabbed.  It's a bit soft really.

Starting to paint.  I've just added the blush to the cheeks here, you can see it's still wet.  I did it wet-on-wet to let it 'run'  little into the skin tone.

I use a heat gun to dry my pictures out as I go.  On this one, it turned out that the eye shading came out too dark, so it gave me a chance to re-wet the paint and blend it in a little more. (just using a wet brush).

Here she is

You can see the eye shading looks less 'zombified' here. 

Had to add the Mickey ears too...

It's almost vacation time, so if I'm not updating for a few weeks, bear with me, I've not gone too far... 
just to America.

Rachelle x


There's something about Alice...

There is, isn't there? 
 There is something about Alice.

  I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, it's on my list along with The Wizard of Oz and The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe as my favorite children's books.  Perhaps it's because they were read to me at school, or maybe it's the escapism into the fantasy land that appeals to me.  Whatever it is, I love them all.  Classics that all children should read/watch and be aware of. (that's my teacher's head talking)

Of course, now that I'm a mum to a little lady, it means that I get to indulge in these favorites quite often (nifty plan hey).  It was whilst watching the Disney version (animated) of Alice this morning that I painted this little Alice Paper Doll Chick.

She went a bit smudgy, but I kind of like it.

Cutie close up.

I thought that whilst we are on the Alice theme, I would show you some of my favorite Alice books.
 So here's some Alice Art Eye Candy for you...

The illustrations in this one are fabulous, almost 'gothic' in style.  The student's in my class (10yr olds) used to love this one.

I like this one because all the illustrations are done in pencil crayons and you know how I love those.  :)

This one is completely different, the images are really cool with a couple of pop-up pages too.

And this one was given to my Mum in 1953 and passed on to me when I was 16.

Here's my little 'Alice'.

If you want the book details, just leave me a little comment and I'll get back to you.

On a serious note: I just wanted to mention the troubles that are going on around the country (including Croydon, where I used to live).  These riots by the youth (thugs, teenagers, and even children) are so sickening to see.  It's just mindless violence and destruction.  What is the world coming to?

There's only one thing we can do besides pray, and thats...

Rachelle x


Red Bikini...

'Red Bikini'

Close-up snap.

Just a mini post today (more next time)

Rachelle x

Red balloons and watercolour mermaids...

I don't suppose that I should expect too much more from the good old British summertime really, I mean we have had at least a few sunny days, so I suppose a day of rain is due.  It's that kind of drizzly rain that gets you really wet and damp when it actually doesn't look so bad.  Brollies at the ready.

I thought the watercolours would be good to use on such a watery day (see the little connection I made?), and also I'd promised my little lady that she could paint with Mummy too.

I think after trying them out the other day, I really rather like them and have now decided to embrace the watercolour and paint away to my hearts content, much to the disgust of my teenage son, who said 'urgh, not another gothic looking girl, do something else".  Well maybe I will (but not until I've done lots of these).

'The Red Balloon'

This is before I added a little pencil crayon (just a touch) to enhance the eyes and other bits and bobs.  I went a bit wonky with the right eye today too, at least it makes a change from my wonky left eyes that I usually do.

This was going to be a princess (to please my son) but she turned into a mermaid.  You can see the size really well here too, I'm working in my A5 size art journal.  Look how tiny my paint set is, it's being packed for the vacation for sure.

a little close-up.

I've still not decided if I should add more pencil detail yet, not sure if it would spoil the watery effect of the paints.

Love the watery shades of blue...

I really like using the watercolours, working in the journal is fine, but if you use paper, then you need to 'stretch' it first to avoid the bumpy look when the paint dries.

And now let me introduce you to the 'Artist in Residence' of the Kitchen.

Miss P

an artist in the making.

Rachelle x


Watercolour Angel...

I decided to try something different today, not new, but different.  
I got out my old watercolour set that I've had since I was at art college (many moons ago).  I love using watercolours, it's something that I used to use alot in my art journals, and not just for the average 'watercolour' type painting of fruit or some countryside scene.  I used it for fashion illustrations, textile designs, anything really, oh and the odd still life.  After all, you can't get through art college without a still life or two.  My point is, watercolours can be exciting, if unpredictable to use, and that's what makes them great to use.  I will add though, that you do have to be a little bit brave to cover the unpredictability part. lol
So in the style of all good 'scaredy-cats', I stared small.
I decided to paint one of my little Paper Doll Chicks in my little paints and see how it went before venturing into larger things.

Here she is...

not too bad when I'm a little rusty.

I quite like how the cheeks blended, if you're going to try this, do it wet-on-wet, then pat it dry (gently).

I worked into the image with my pencils, and added a stamp, that's how I decided to make her a little angel.

How sweet (even if I say so myself) :)

Then, suddenly remembering that I need to send a Thank You card, I cut her out and stuck her onto a mini card.  I hope they like it.

Now that I've had a go (again) at the watercolours, I'm going to go for it.  Also, I'm on vacation in two weeks, and still want to do some art (to show you guys) so I think the little paints will be ideal to take along with a mini journal.
Love little mini's

May be back later, depending how busy today gets.
See you soon

Rachelle x