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I was going to enter a little challenge today,  you had to make something with wings.  
So I eventually made a little ATC with a fairy on it.  I used some painted leaf skeletons for the wings - look closely and you can just about see them.  I really like the skeletons, but maybe a darker background would have worked better, to show them off a bit.  Oh well, learning through doing is never a bad thing in art.

You can see them a bit better in this close up.  I also used a different colour way, pinks, purples and blues.  I chose them to match the 'dress'. Cute :)

So I just got back from the other blog where you submit the artwork, and realised the challenge is for stampers :(  That'll teach me to read instructions properly.  never mind, all is not wasted, she will go to my Mum for a little treat.  Mum wanted the little mini canvas fairies, but they are going on Etsy, but I'm sure she'll be happy with this.

I'm really into making these ATC's now, my new guilty pleasure.

Oh and look what I saw when I drove up the street today...

Kids (I love it really)

Rachelle x