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Three little lovelies...

3 Little Lovelies

Just a little post for you, not quite sure where the time has gone today, but it has gone fast. 

 I made these three little ATC's this morning whilst my little princess was having a nap.  They were really quick to do, about an hour for all three.  It worked out really well for time, I did each one at the same time.  What I mean is, I did each stage, on each card at the same time.  Does that make sense?  Hope so.

I also went for a more funky colour scheme, I used pink for hair on one of them, purple on another, and even a leopard print tissue for the third ones hair.  I'm really pleased with the finished look (well, that is apart from the one with the larger face, something not quite right about her).

take a closer look...

Maybe her eyes are too small, can't work it out, but something's a little off.

Love the pink hair

This is my favorite one. (can you see my red glittery nail in the corner?)

I may venture into something a little larger tomorrow - I'm sure you would like to see something other than ATC's.  I'll get my thinking cap on tonight.

I'm also thinking of making a You Tube tutorial (would love to be able to offer these as classes), I need to do some research first though, and get a camera of course.

See you tomorrow - Friday already :)

Rachelle x

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