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It's quite unusual for me to blog on a Sunday, but here I am with a new canvas that I made this morning.  I fancied making a mermaid this time.  It's something that I have been doodling for a while now in my journal, but the sketches keep coming out wrong.  I'm a big fan of mermaids and fairies, I suppose magical beings in general really, so it's a theme that I'm going to run with for a while I think.  

Here's the little doodle sketch that I started with.  I did it in my journal, I usually do that, think it's the need for security (if it's no good, it doesn't matter in the journal), surely I should be over that phase now. Oh, and I was having a few problems with the left eye too, that's another thing that keeps happening.

I don't bother drawing the hair anymore, I 'choose' the style as I add the collage.

This is the canvas.  I used a brayer to blend some acrylic paints, then scratched into the surface whilst it was still wet, with my trusty chopstick.  Once it had dried, I decided it looked 'too blue', so I wiped some dark turquoise over the top to give it some depth.  I also added some strips of the silk paper (that I use alot).

Then I made my little mermaid, much in the same way as usual, the only difference today was that I added some glitter glue to her tail.

My Magical Mermaid close up.

I'm not so sure that I'm entirely happy with her, nor the composition of the finished piece, but I'll use her as a starting point for the rest of my mermaids still to come.  Maybe next time I'll do one on those mini canvases.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Rachelle x

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