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Know I shouldn't worry but...

Morning all :)

Hope you are all keeping well today.  I'm off to the hospital today to have two small skin cancer growths removed from my face and arm.  I have to admit that I'm not looking forward to it at all.  All will be done under a local too :(  I'd much rather be put to sleep, but alas no.

It was a bit of a shock at first to hear the words 'skin cancer' but it feels ok now and I'm ready to get things sorted out.  It has left me a bit unsure of what to write about today, the words aren't coming so easily.  I did intend on doing some work in my journal this morning too, but that hasn't happened.  My mind is elsewhere.  I am taking a little journal to hospital with me, for afterwards, but I'm not promising anything.  Perhaps today will be one of those days when I realise that art is a healing tool. 
For those of you who don't know, I had a pacemaker fitted 10 years ago (I was 30) and the only thing that helped me come to terms with it was by working in my art journal.  As soon as my thoughts were put down in the book, it was like they left my head.  Does that make sense?

I feel as though I'm rambling on a bit today (not bad for someone who doesn't know what to say).

I'll leave you with this little image, it comes from the blog Random Thoughts of a Supermom http://the-wilson-world.blogspot.com/2010/07/art-in-hall.html   I love her idea of the art quote on the wall (one of my favorites) and the little washing line with the children's work. Too cute.

I'll be right back...

Rachelle x

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Catherine Bolton said...

I love that little washing line too Rachelle, I never know what to do with Abi's when it comes home from school!

I think I need to find somewhere for a washing line, especially when the little one starts to do artwork at grandmas house.