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Home Comforts and Catfish

Happy Saturday everyone :)

I can't remember the last time that I ate catfish, but I know that it was in sunny Florida, and I know it was gooood.  I love spicy foods and fresh fish and this, along with finding a recipe for fried catfish, I got the idea of doing this little lady.  She has brown skin and a flower in her hair, bare feet and is listening to sweet jazz. 
 Or at least that's what I imagined.  
She was going to be 'just a journal page' but I have changed my mind, ripped her out, and I'm going to be framing her ready to be added to my little Etsy shop. (still not finished setting it up yet, but keep checking back)She's mixed media (collage, crayons, tissue and silk papers finished with a layer of gloss medium).

Whilst she was drying, and I had all my supplies out, I made this little piece...

Red Shoes

It's kind of a play on that old favorite of mine The Wizard of Oz, only she has a bird instead of a dog.  She was also only supposed to be a 'little journal page' but she will be moving on to greater things too.  It makes me excited to think that they might travel the world to find a new home.

Speaking of travelling across the world, the postman brought me another Snail Mail package this morning.  This one came all the way from the Philippines. WOW.  It's filled with paper goodies by a lovely designer of paper Artisan.


Even the stamps are beautiful.

Snail Mail Goodies :)

It's been quite a busy Saturday, but the best thing was the weather.  Sun has hit our shores at last.  Here is a little sneaky peek of my back yard and the clear blue skies this afternoon.

Sunny Art Eye Candy

Rachelle  x

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