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Dreams and Inky Fingers...

Happy Friday :)

I was thinking all night about doing something different today, and couldn't make up my mind, so I stuck with an 'Alice' theme.  I also decided to use some of my materials that I've never really used before, so it's been a bit of an experiment really. 
 Experiments are good though because they allow you to learn what works or not.  
You might be pleased to hear that I didn't make an ATC today either, (although I AM itching to make one later) today I worked on one of the larger canvases instead.  The same size as the 'Wonderland' one.  I'll measure it next time and let you know the exacts.

Anyway,  here are a few of the shots...

Here is a little close up.  I thought I'd put this one in to show the different elements and methods that I use.  The butterfly is the last of my rub-on supply (must treat myself to more).  The paint is acrylic.  I paint the face, then put the tissue layer on top.  The pencil crayons don't work so well onto acrylic.  I've also written some thoughts about following your dreams.  Oh, and I got some new glitter paints too.

here's the face close up (still wet), the yellow stains are made with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Tea Stain.  I'm not really 100% sure how you use these (must watch a tutorial), but I had a go.

Not a great photo, but you can really see the layers of the picture.  I also used a Black Distress Ink around the edges and smudged with my fingers (hence the inky finger).

Some of my materials that I used today. I did use the butterfly stamp on it somewhere, but can't see it anymore. - too many layers.

Dreams will be going up in the Etsy shop, I've designed the shop banner today, now I just need to write the listings and we are good to go.

Well I need to go and get an ATC fix now, and possibly a little cheeky glass of wine, so I'll see you all tomorrow.  Happy Friday.

Rachelle x

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