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It's Friday, the weekend is here... and the sun is still shining (for now at least).

I've been busy this morning, working on two canvases, and I've managed to finish one of them so I thought I'd show you.

I went about this on a little differently, what I mean is, I painted the background first, rather than my usual way of 'collaging in the gaps'.  I used acrylic paints, which I blobbed onto the canvas in a random fashion, then used a brayer (print roller) to spread the paint out.  I chose summer colours, as I wanted a midsummer look to the finished piece.  
Whilst the paint was still wet, I used the end of a chopstick to write text into the paint, oh yes, and a stamp of a butterfly.  The stamp was really good because it removed some of the paint to leave the butterfly pattern. (just remember to wash the stamp really quickly afterwards).

So this is the canvas background.

You can see that the paints are actually really bright here.  Look how the butterfly stamp removed the paint. :)

Next, I drew my design idea into my art journal and cut the pieces out so that I could decide where to arrange them on the canvas.  The reason that I did it this way is that the pencil didn't show up on the acrylic.

I used my collection of papers to start to collage the image.

I used the same butterfly stamp on some silk paper and printed paper.  I also added some extra colour with my pencils.  Then, as usual, I covered the whole image with a layer of tissue paper.

Here she is...


I don't know about you, but each time that I do a canvas, I like it more than the last one... 
I'm going to find it difficult to sell them alright, but sell them I will.  I mentioned earlier that I was working on two canvases today... the other will be added tonight.

Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

Rachelle x

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