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Busy, busy...

Busy, busy, busy.  
Our TV was taken to the repair shop last night, for who knows how long.  This is actually a good thing (for me at least) because it means I can do some art, and that's just what I spent three glorious hours doing last night. 
 I made another three ATC's (my obsession continues). 
 The one above is called 'Love Me'.

Here's the next,

Not decided what to call this one yet, suggestions are always welcome. :)

'Call Me'

(the telephone is a rub-on)

So, these were last nights little piece of heaven.  All mixed media, (collage, paint, pencil crayons and a coat of gloss medium)

And these were done yesterday, including the little 'wings' one that I put on the blog.


'Soul Queen'

Told you I'd been busy, I'm actually amazed how many I did.  The good news is that soon, one of these little lovelies may be yours, watch this space...

Rachelle x


tweetsparkles said...

Love your work sweetie! The layers are wonderful.

Rachelle said...

Thanks so much! You just won yourself Soul Queen! Send me a DM on twitter with your address and she'll be in the post tomorrow!