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ATC or not? That is the question...

This is my 'Ruby Slippers' birthday cake from yesterday.  How fabulous is that?  I told you I loved all things Oz and I wasn't joking.

So today, I thought about making some more of the little ATC's, that I am now loving.  
I've been using a playing card as the base, the only problem is, my cards are poker size and I'm not sure that makes them the 'correct' size to be a true ATC.  Feel free to leave a comment if you know the answer.  :)  
Despite this little puzzle going on in my mind, I made two more.  They still need a trim to neaten them up, but this is good because it means that you can still see the tissue paper layer that I keep going on about.

take a look...

Called this one 'Thinker'

I painted the face in acrylics then used my pencils on top.  I've also collaged the hair.


She's made in the same way, but I emphasised the eyes a little more, and used colors like purple and turquiose.  (they don't always show so great on the photo)

You can see the tissue layer here.  I love making these little mini masterpieces.

So now I'm off to educate myself on the 'how to do' ATC's properly.  
After all, if you're going to do something, you might as well do it well.

Rachelle x

P.S If any of you would like to do a little swap, drop me a line :)

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susiesu said...

Hi Rachelle I have just found your blog (and art) through the interview with Bernice Hooper. Am loving your faces. I am new to Art Journaling and ATC's but would love to swop with you lol Susiesu xxx