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Snail Mail

Morning all.  Thought that I'd start today by showing you these little goodies for my Snail Mail project.  Aren't they lovely?  Well I think so.  Each of my recipients will get one of them along with other goodies, and in return, I will get three envelopes filled with lovely bits and bobs.  I really love this idea, it's not something that I've done before.  If you want more info, click on the link in the sidebar (with the snail) and it will take you to the challenge page.

I made these small A5 portraits in my usual favorite way using mixed media.  Take a look at the process.

I used a recycled card backing and started by collaging the background and borders.  In this one (similar to my Madame Butterfly portrait) I used text from a chinese paper and the red silk paper.  I've also painted in the face and hair here too. (using acrylics)

Next, I added some Rub-On butterflies to each of the images.  I put one on the back of each envelope too, looks cute.

Finally, I got to my favorite bit of adding the detail with my beloved pencil crayons.

Here is the first one that I showed you with the matching envelope.

So now all that I am waiting for is to find out who I'm sending them too.

Have a lovely day, and I'll be back to blog some more later today.

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