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Pug Love

Morning all... actually it is lunch time, but I've been busy all morning working on this little lovely.  It started off as one of those mornings when I didn't really know what to make.  I don't want to make things for the sake of it, I like to have at least a little inspiration for something.  

Anyway, I eventually decided to make a little collage heart (like the one I did yesterday) and put it on a card to send to my Mum.  Whilst flicking through the pages of some old magazines, I came across the little pug image and wanted to use it in some way.  I'd love a pug for my birthday next month, but Mr.P says 'No pets', maybe I should send him this picture...  

Then came my next brainwave (two in one morning, yes I know, it must be the coffee) I would make a little Paper Doll Chick to go with the Pug, but I'd do her from collage, rather than my usual way of making a head and sticking that on a random body.  So that's what I did.  Wanna take a look?

I drew the general outline and began to collage with mixed papers.

After I'd stuck down the collage bits (with PVA glue), I stuck a layer of white tissue paper over the top.  This does two things, softens the colours and when it's dry, it makes a nice surface to use my pencils on.

Pug Love

Close up. You can smudge the pencils too for blending or softening the look.

I'm pretty pleased with this mornings work, I'd love to do this everyday.  Oh, I almost forgot, here is the little heart I made for my Mum.

Have a lovely day, I'll be back to blog again later tonight, I've got the creating itch today and I'm gonna scratch it.
x Rachelle

P.S.  I'm thinking of putting together some classes, online and in person, wold love to hear if anyone would be interested.  Please leave me a little comment before you leave today. Thanks x

P.P.S Ooh, and guess what? One of my Snail Mail parcels arrived at it's destination in Australia. Yay.

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