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Paper Doll Chicks

God bless Disney movies... I've finally been 'granted' access to the computer by my 2yr old in return for The Princess and the Frog.
So as promised, here are some more of the Paper Doll Chicks with a little explanation about how I made them.

Started by doodling faces, lots of them too.  This one is based on my little girl Sasha (same hairstyle).  I did the eyes really wide apart, and made them a little sleepy looking.  If you have had any formal portrait drawing lessons, you'll know that this is completely wrong, but it is stylised and so with that, you get to do faces however you like.
It's funny because as I was doing this, I suddenly got flashbacks of me doing tis exact type of face in drawings of fairies that I did when I was about 11 years old.  Guess this style stuck with me.

this is 'Sasha' coloured in using my pencils crayons, then I added the detail with an ink pen..I like the 0.5 size nib, not too thin, not too thick.

Next, I trawled through my collection of Vogue magazines and cut out body shapes, which I stuck onto the heads.  They do look a bit like those 'Bobbleheads'

Love how it looks.

I made three altogether, they are going into the snail mail packages (headed for Australia).

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