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Madame Butterfly

Happy Saturday!
Im loving the sunshine that we are having at the moment.  It always makes you feel so much better when the sun is shining, it puts a different vibe on things.  I started this next piece of work last night, I didn't really have a finished product in mind, but did want it to be of an oriental flavour.  Also, in a change from the last piece, this time, I worked straight on to the canvas.
So here are the different stages that went into making it.

I used a small box canvas and collaged the entire surface, including the frame, with silk papers and some chinese newsprint that I had saved from a trip to Hong Kong many years ago.

On this one, I've just sketched the image out.  The image is based around a photo from Vogue in an article about Asian supermodels.

This is the underpainting stage.  I really like how you can still see the print under the paint.  I use acrylic paint usually, I think it's a good choice for when you want to change the consistency.

I worked into the image with my pencil crayons, added a little stamped print around the edge and the suddenly, it came to me... Add some butterflies!  I stamped these onto the silk paper and shredded the edges a little.  Thats how I came up with the name ... Madame Butterfly.

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