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Home at last.

Sorry I've been away for a few days, did you miss me?  I was in the hospital (again) for the pesky heart problems that I keep having, I'm still not sorted, but at last I feel as though I am finally getting a little closer to a solution.  Fingers crossed x

Anyway, whilst I was in there I did a few doodles...

 This one did start out as a pair of eyes...look closely, you can see them.  They were really BAD though, so in the fashion of any good artist, I doodled over them. 

 This is me testing out some lovely Faber Castel marker pens... nice, apart from them smudging the ink.

Love, love, love drawing mermaids.

I know its only a little entry tonight, but more will be added tomorrow. 
Thanks for dropping by x


Lorri Lennox said...

Sorry to be reading about your health worries, I too am undergoing some issues of my own and Art is amazing in it's healing/distracting powers :)
I love your pictures, keep arting and keep smiling.
Love and Hugs,

Rachelle said...

Thanks Lorri for your comment, yes Art does help us through times like this. i hope it helps you too
take care of yourself
Rachelle x