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Happy dream...

Here I am again, a little later than yesterday, but better late than never.   It's not that I over slept or anything like that, I went for an eye test.  After not having one for the last 20 years, I figured maybe it was time to go.  As suspected I need specs, but only for reading and watching tv, so it's not too much of a shock.  The optician said it was down to my age... cheeky boy.  Everything seems to be dropping to bits as I get closer to my 40th birthday (next month in case you were wondering) guess it comes to us all.  My next problem is finding some glasses, I didn't realise there were so many to choose from, I'll get some funky ones on my trip to Florida in August, after all, If I need them, they may as well be stylish. :)

'What about today's art?' I hear you cry... Well here it is.

I've called it Happy dream, no particular reason why, it just sounded good at the time.

I used a box canvas today and sketched a design onto that.  Then I started to collage. I'm loving doing collage, it's my new art crush.

I filled in the whole image space, then added a top layer of the white tissue.  I had a little mishap today though, I did mean to 'colour' the face first using my crayons, but I forgot (age related memory loss perhaps?).  As it turned out, it still looks ok ish, after using the pencils on the top of the face layer.  It's just a little paler than I would have liked.

I used lots of mixed papers (must buy some more) and I added a transfer word 'happy'.  I've also worked on the top of the tissue layer using my beloved pencils too.

Here is the finished result after a little protective coat of gloss medium.

Happy dream.

Art Eye Candy.

She will be listed in my new Esty shop later today, as soon as I've organised it, I will post a link on the blog.

Rachelle x

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