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Girl with the Big Apple (part two)

I missed doing my blog yesterday, blogger was acting up a bit and wouldn't let me download any of the images.
I've been busy with the canvas, adding paint and some detail with conte pastels, here's a sneaky peek of what I've been up to...

You can see the text that I've been adding to the background.  It's the words from 'Empire State of Mind' by Alicia Keys.  It really reminds me of being in the yellow taxi cabs in New York, it always seemed to be playing on the radios.  I've not finished it yet though, my hands were aching with doing all the fiddly letters. (the joys of impending old age lol).

I started working into the face with some pastels.  Look how the face is all wrinkly still (I'm not liking this)  I told you it was taking ages to dry...maybe it's still wet.  

A little close up of the face.  i took this using the Instagram App on my iphone.

I'm hoping to finish it this week and then it's going up for sale on Etsy with the Oz portraits.

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