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Girl with the Big Apple (part one)

So I've decided that the time has come to tackle something BIG.  I've had an easy few weeks doing my small portraits, Paper Doll Chicks and Snail Mail challenge, but now is the time to throw off that security blanket, dust off that big canvas and take a leap into the unknown...  How dramatic.  But seriously, I am a little nervous.  I have a certain sense of security from keeping things small scale and it's a little unsettling to sit in front of a large blank canvas.  But if I truly stand by what I talked about yesterday, about awakening my own creativity, then this is surely the next step.

I've decided on a New York theme for this, hence the title.  I have loads of bits of maps and tickets lying around the house from my visit to NYC last year, so my plan is to use them in this piece.
So far today, I have painted a quick background, done an outline pencil sketch, and added some of my collage bits. Here is the progress so far...

This is the background.  I've used a wash of acrylics over a gesso surface. (you can see how big the canvas is compared to my kitchen cupboards.)

My messy palette and rags.  Good job I have a tile floor, the paint went everywhere.  Oops.

I've added some of the collaged elements here.  I sometimes use a face to get the scale right, it always ends up covered up though.

This one shows more of the layering with the silk papers, and you can see some of the pencil marks too.

I've had to leave it to dry out for now, it was getting a bit soggy with all the glue, but I'll work on it later tonight so that it should be ready for some more paint layers tomorrow.  

That's all for now folks... come and catch up with me tomorrow x

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