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Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

It's taken a few days, but I've finally finished the Oz portraits that I started work on back in April - ok, yes it is more than  a few days, but hey at least they are done now.  I'll explain the delay at the end of this post.

My initial idea was to make some Wizard of Oz themed pieces for my daughter to keep, but I have now decided to sell the so they will be going up on Etsy in my Art Eye Candy shop (opening real soon).  In the end I went for portraits of the main characters.  So without further ado, here they are (showing the stages they were done). Enjoy.

You can see the layering on this one of the Tin Man, I'd already done a painting underneath but wasn't so happy with it, hence the layer over the face.  I like to use the silk papers for their textural qualities.

Tin Man close up.

This one of Dorothy has the underpainting done too, I've used acrylics on top of the collage. (one of my new favourite ways to work)

Dorothy close up.

Lion with underpainting (you can see the little tin letters too, I ran out of them before I could do Dorothy)

Lion, close up.

Scarecrow with underpainted face.

Scarecrow close up.

If you are following my blog, you alreday know that I like to work on top with pencil crayon (think it has something to do with my school days :) ).  That was the next stage for them all, rather than show each individually, here they are together.

I'm actually really pleased with how they look as a group.  As you can see, they are done on box canvas, I've covered all the edges too since this photo was shot so they are ready to hand now.

     Wizard of Oz portraits.

                Oh and if you were wondering why the delay, well I think it's because I didn't truly believe that I was good enough.  So here is the lesson for today... Believe in your own abilities that you can do something great.
Time for a cuppa.

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