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30 Days of Creativity.

30 days of creativity is basically a 30 day challenge to be creative.  In other words, you create something every day.  It can be absolutely anything you want.
I like this idea, although now that I have decided to do it, i have got into a little panic about it,  What to do today?, is the first thing that goes through my mind when I wake up.  Check out the website if you'd like to join 30daysofcreativity too, or click on the button on this blog.

Here are my first two challenges, and remember you can create anything  lol

Day 1 of  30 Days of Creativity  I used Sharpie pens to brighten up a blank CD.  I really like this, I may attack all my blank CD's now.

for Day 2, I was running out of time, but whilst at the local park, my little girl asked me to make her a daisy chain, so here it is...

Today is my Day 3, so off to have a coffee and think about what to create today.  Enjoy the sunshine everyone and check back later. x

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