f June 2011 - Art Eye Candy

Happy dream...

Here I am again, a little later than yesterday, but better late than never.   It's not that I over slept or anything like that, I went for an eye test.  After not having one for the last 20 years, I figured maybe it was time to go.  As suspected I need specs, but only for reading and watching tv, so it's not too much of a shock.  The optician said it was down to my age... cheeky boy.  Everything seems to be dropping to bits as I get closer to my 40th birthday (next month in case you were wondering) guess it comes to us all.  My next problem is finding some glasses, I didn't realise there were so many to choose from, I'll get some funky ones on my trip to Florida in August, after all, If I need them, they may as well be stylish. :)

'What about today's art?' I hear you cry... Well here it is.

I've called it Happy dream, no particular reason why, it just sounded good at the time.

I used a box canvas today and sketched a design onto that.  Then I started to collage. I'm loving doing collage, it's my new art crush.

I filled in the whole image space, then added a top layer of the white tissue.  I had a little mishap today though, I did mean to 'colour' the face first using my crayons, but I forgot (age related memory loss perhaps?).  As it turned out, it still looks ok ish, after using the pencils on the top of the face layer.  It's just a little paler than I would have liked.

I used lots of mixed papers (must buy some more) and I added a transfer word 'happy'.  I've also worked on the top of the tissue layer using my beloved pencils too.

Here is the finished result after a little protective coat of gloss medium.

Happy dream.

Art Eye Candy.

She will be listed in my new Esty shop later today, as soon as I've organised it, I will post a link on the blog.

Rachelle x


Pug Love

Morning all... actually it is lunch time, but I've been busy all morning working on this little lovely.  It started off as one of those mornings when I didn't really know what to make.  I don't want to make things for the sake of it, I like to have at least a little inspiration for something.  

Anyway, I eventually decided to make a little collage heart (like the one I did yesterday) and put it on a card to send to my Mum.  Whilst flicking through the pages of some old magazines, I came across the little pug image and wanted to use it in some way.  I'd love a pug for my birthday next month, but Mr.P says 'No pets', maybe I should send him this picture...  

Then came my next brainwave (two in one morning, yes I know, it must be the coffee) I would make a little Paper Doll Chick to go with the Pug, but I'd do her from collage, rather than my usual way of making a head and sticking that on a random body.  So that's what I did.  Wanna take a look?

I drew the general outline and began to collage with mixed papers.

After I'd stuck down the collage bits (with PVA glue), I stuck a layer of white tissue paper over the top.  This does two things, softens the colours and when it's dry, it makes a nice surface to use my pencils on.

Pug Love

Close up. You can smudge the pencils too for blending or softening the look.

I'm pretty pleased with this mornings work, I'd love to do this everyday.  Oh, I almost forgot, here is the little heart I made for my Mum.

Have a lovely day, I'll be back to blog again later tonight, I've got the creating itch today and I'm gonna scratch it.
x Rachelle

P.S.  I'm thinking of putting together some classes, online and in person, wold love to hear if anyone would be interested.  Please leave me a little comment before you leave today. Thanks x

P.P.S Ooh, and guess what? One of my Snail Mail parcels arrived at it's destination in Australia. Yay.

Little Princess

After chatting with Mr P last night, and him saying that I should have kept hold of a little card that I sent off in the snail mail challenge (it was based on my little princess), I decided to make something to replace it.  I decided to make a mixed media canvas for her room.  She loves all things girly and pink, and anything to do with princesses.
In a bit of a change from my usual portrait/canvas way of working, I decided that I would also make some collaged embellishments to go along with the theme and colour way.

I started with a little bird, after being influenced by the artwork of Tim Sally who does lots of birds. This is my version.
Little pencil sketch.

I collaged the little bird with mixed papers.

This is after I've added some of the silk papers (which I'm still loving) and I've started to work on top in pencil crayon to add detail.

I also made a couple of little hearts in the same colours, and added the detail and outline with pencils. (I cannot tell you enough how great coloured pencils are) Buy some.

This is my Little Miss P, I basically made a Paper Doll Chick following the steps that I have used before.    Sketch, colour, blend and outline.

Then whilst all the elements were drying, I collaged the canvas in mixed papers and images, and added a top layer of white tissue paper to soften the look.

Finally, I put all the bits together... et voila. (oh and I added some glittery embossing powder too)

Lovely Art Eye Candy
fit for a 
Little Princess.


I've joined another new project, so excited, it was the Snail mail challenge that got me all excited about this one.  I found it through another cyber pal of mine, she already does it and often blogs about the delight of having lovely postcards from around the world.  And let's face it, as long as it's not bills, who wouldn't love this idea.  So I've officially signed up under the name of ArtEyeCandy and I have 5 swap partners all around the world.

These will be in the post on Monday.

If you want to join in too , the address you need is www.postcrossing.com

Happy posting :)

ATC's and Sports Day.

It's a big day today, my little girl who is almost 3, has her very first sports day.  Woo hoo.  I'm not quite sure how a sports day will work with three year olds, but hey, it should be a giggle.  Despite all this excitement, I have still had a little time to do something arty, and something that I've never done before.  I made my very first ATC's or Artist Trading Cards.  I've never thought of doing them before but I will  make some more now that I know how quick and simple they are.  For those of you who are not sure about them, they are small (playing card size) works of art that you swap with others.  Simple eh?

It was one of my new cyber friends who suggested we do a little swap, usually there are a few of you involved, but this time it's just the two of us.
I made my cards the same way I have been doing my Paper Doll Chicks...take a look

I used recycled handmade card for the base layer, then worked on top adding some collage elements and the butterfly transfer.  Ooh how I love those transfers.

This is the butterfly one, I stuck the body and head, then used more transfers over the top.  I glazed the ATC with gloss medium.

I told you I was loving the transfers Lol

My finished (first ever) ATC's Paper Doll Chicks

So it's off to the Post Office for me, and off to the USA for these girls.

On your marks, get set, GO.

Girl with the Big Apple (part two)

I missed doing my blog yesterday, blogger was acting up a bit and wouldn't let me download any of the images.
I've been busy with the canvas, adding paint and some detail with conte pastels, here's a sneaky peek of what I've been up to...

You can see the text that I've been adding to the background.  It's the words from 'Empire State of Mind' by Alicia Keys.  It really reminds me of being in the yellow taxi cabs in New York, it always seemed to be playing on the radios.  I've not finished it yet though, my hands were aching with doing all the fiddly letters. (the joys of impending old age lol).

I started working into the face with some pastels.  Look how the face is all wrinkly still (I'm not liking this)  I told you it was taking ages to dry...maybe it's still wet.  

A little close up of the face.  i took this using the Instagram App on my iphone.

I'm hoping to finish it this week and then it's going up for sale on Etsy with the Oz portraits.

Girl with the Big Apple (part one)

So I've decided that the time has come to tackle something BIG.  I've had an easy few weeks doing my small portraits, Paper Doll Chicks and Snail Mail challenge, but now is the time to throw off that security blanket, dust off that big canvas and take a leap into the unknown...  How dramatic.  But seriously, I am a little nervous.  I have a certain sense of security from keeping things small scale and it's a little unsettling to sit in front of a large blank canvas.  But if I truly stand by what I talked about yesterday, about awakening my own creativity, then this is surely the next step.

I've decided on a New York theme for this, hence the title.  I have loads of bits of maps and tickets lying around the house from my visit to NYC last year, so my plan is to use them in this piece.
So far today, I have painted a quick background, done an outline pencil sketch, and added some of my collage bits. Here is the progress so far...

This is the background.  I've used a wash of acrylics over a gesso surface. (you can see how big the canvas is compared to my kitchen cupboards.)

My messy palette and rags.  Good job I have a tile floor, the paint went everywhere.  Oops.

I've added some of the collaged elements here.  I sometimes use a face to get the scale right, it always ends up covered up though.

This one shows more of the layering with the silk papers, and you can see some of the pencil marks too.

I've had to leave it to dry out for now, it was getting a bit soggy with all the glue, but I'll work on it later tonight so that it should be ready for some more paint layers tomorrow.  

That's all for now folks... come and catch up with me tomorrow x

Awakening Creativity

From Keri Smith (see link in sidebar)

For a long time now (well until last month), I have dreamed of being an artist and making art everyday.  I went to art college after leaving school and then after having my first child, I went on to do my art and teaching degree at university.  When your at college, you are doing art everyday and you don't  realise how good you've got it until it's gone and your out working full time in what can be a very tiring job.  Life takes over if you let it.
After a long day at work, sometimes the last thing that I feel like is getting out all the art supplies and settling down to art.  I really, really want to, but I never quite make it off the couch.  
I don't know about you, but I made up all kinds of excuses (some valid) in my head, 'I've got books to mark', 'I'm too tired', 'I'm watching TV' etc.  The biggest one of all used to be ' I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH'.  I have no idea where that came from, I've never been told that by anyone, but it's something that I was beginning to believe all by myself.  I WAS feeling miserable as an artist and that had to change.  I'm sure it's not just me who feels like this.  I decided it was time to change, and I had to be the one to make the change happen. 

If you have been following my little blog, you know that since last month, I have started to make the change for me..I turn off the TV now.
Try it. Make art.

If you want more creative words of advice, click the Awakening Creativity link at the side.

Paper Doll Chicks

God bless Disney movies... I've finally been 'granted' access to the computer by my 2yr old in return for The Princess and the Frog.
So as promised, here are some more of the Paper Doll Chicks with a little explanation about how I made them.

Started by doodling faces, lots of them too.  This one is based on my little girl Sasha (same hairstyle).  I did the eyes really wide apart, and made them a little sleepy looking.  If you have had any formal portrait drawing lessons, you'll know that this is completely wrong, but it is stylised and so with that, you get to do faces however you like.
It's funny because as I was doing this, I suddenly got flashbacks of me doing tis exact type of face in drawings of fairies that I did when I was about 11 years old.  Guess this style stuck with me.

this is 'Sasha' coloured in using my pencils crayons, then I added the detail with an ink pen..I like the 0.5 size nib, not too thin, not too thick.

Next, I trawled through my collection of Vogue magazines and cut out body shapes, which I stuck onto the heads.  They do look a bit like those 'Bobbleheads'

Love how it looks.

I made three altogether, they are going into the snail mail packages (headed for Australia).


Paper Doll Love

This is my first try for my Paper Doll idea from yesterday...I LOVE how she turned out.  I'm going to make three tonight and put them into my snail mail packages.
I'll show you the others tomorrow and tell you how I made them.  They are my new Art Eye Candy for sure.

A change of scenery...

All day yesterday and for today, I am based in a small brick hut in the middle of a golf course.  Although it is in the middle of a town, it feels as though you are miles away from anywhere.  It's so peaceful and quiet, very nice to get out of the house and into the fresh air.  The only slight problem is that I don't have too much time for artwork.  But saying that, there is LOT'S of thinking time, I mean just look at this...

I love the lines on the fairways...

This is the view from my little hut.  It's completely undisturbed and peaceful, well apart from the odd golfer or two.

Love the layering on this image, it's from a new photo app called Fusioncam.

All this peace and quiet gave me a new idea.  Im going to make little paper dolls and call them Paper Doll Chicks.  I'll probably do them in a similar way to my portraits.  I'll try and get at least one done when I come back home tonight to show you, you can let me know what you think. :)

Paper Doll Chicks

So it's off to the golf club for me (with my little bag of art supplies) but before I go, here is a lttle Art Eye Candy for you...