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It's time to start this...

Its has taken me sometime to get going with this blog.  I did have another one, but for some reason unknown to me, it has gone.  So a fresh start, new art, new beginnings.

Bought some new pencil crayons today, for my mixed media adventures.  it's been years since I had a good set of crayons.  They are so very lovely.

I've also embarked on an art eye candy journal.  Started with a mermaid like being, I called it "Fruits of the Sea".  Hope to finish it later today, anyway here is the progress so far...

This is the underpainting, the colours look a little yellow here.

A little detail added with the crayons!

The double page spread as it is now.  I still have bits to work at but need to wait for the paint to dry.

 Close up of the face.


M said...

Taking action is the first step to unleashing creativity and LOOK at what you created! Lovely and so meaningful. Looking forward to seeing more wonderful pics on this blog!

Artyshils said...

Lovely work :) Gr8 blog :) Hope you get this comment.... As you wanted to check something u said on twitter :)
Have a gr8 day hun :)

Shilpa / @ArtyshilsArt

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your 30 days creative project...in fact I love all your work and will be keeping a close eye on your progress...you will be going somewhere with this...Britain's Got ART Talent !!!...looking forward to seeing more...you're very talented..
Gracie x

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments... I hope to see you here again! x